The French furniture on the international scene

 As an accelerator of its industry and ambassador of the French art of living abroad, The French Furniture Export Group (GEM) supports the development of French furniture and living space manufacturers in all their actions abroad.

 The GEM organization has been founded by the French furniture industry and is a partner of the CODIFAB (Committee for the Development of the French Furniture and Wood Industries). Its mission is to accompany French furniture brands in their quest to conquer new markets and to promote the French art of living and French industrial excellence on foreign markets under the banner 'My furniture is French'.

The GEM supports the development of its member companies on international markets through collective projects.

French art of living

Promoting, informing and supporting

the French furniture and its players in the professional print and digital media
foreign markets and their evolution, and leading prospecting actions for the benefit of French furniture companies
the international strategic development of French furniture companies

Promoting the French art of living...

In order to promote the image of its industry and its companies internationally, the French furniture industry has adopted a unifying signature "My furniture is French", conveying the values of the French art of living, creativity, innovation and industrial excellence and know-how.

...and industrial excellence

This promotion is expressed on the French furniture social media (Instagram and Pinterest), the online showroom on the French furniture website as well as through the scenographies of French pavilions at trade shows abroad. It is also featured on international referencing platforms and digital events. 'My furniture is French' promotes the new collections and creations of French brands all over the world.

Prospecting together

The GEM organization has set up and runs a network of experts working in the targeted countries of its exporting companies, throughout the European Union , in the United Kingdom, North America, China and Vietnam.  This unique network of skills provides expertise in the form of monitoring, database development, prospecting and research of commercial intermediaries and outlets in each market. Broadly speaking, the GEM organization assists companies in accessing business opportunities in all foreign markets.

Strengthening export skills

The GEM organization has designed and runs an effective international training system for all French furniture companies. Focusing on companies with little experience, it provides them with comprehensive training in international business development techniques and assists them in drawing up their export business plan.

Thanks to years of experience and a highly competent network, the French Furniture Export Group is a key player in the internationalization of the sector and its players.

My furniture is French - the movie