Expertise in urban development at the service of your public spaces

Sélectif grande largeur décor Bambou - Thiez (74)
Range-vélos Unilatéraux - Strasbourg (67)
Kiosque Grand Boulevard Indoor - Semkiosk
Kiosque design Wilmotte - Cannes (06) Semkiosk

Expertise in urban development at the service of your public spaces

Originally, Semco specializes in access control, mobility and security solutions for your public spaces: barriers, gantry cranes, selective anti-motorized two-wheelers, PMR accessibility, etc. Then Semco developed and expanded its offer to meet all your needs in terms of development, with its brands:
• Acropose, with furniture for comfort, greenery and cleanliness,
• Semkiosk, shelter and kiosk specialist,
• Cemavil, the Smart Parking on Roads app.

French design and manufacturing

Our equipment is designed and designed in-house by our design offices and benefits from numerous patents filed in several ranges of urban development products.
The manufacture of this equipment is entirely carried out in France, at our own production sites and by our highly qualified teams, ensuring the optimal quality of all our products.

SEMCO is also:
30,000 references in France and Europe
More than 15 patents in the field of urban planning
2 sites in Isère (38) and 1 site in Drôme (26)


Living spaces

  • City

Export zones

  • Outside European Union / Switzerland
  • European Union / Switzerland


  • Urban furniture