Creator of interior furnishing solutions : kitchen, bathroom and made-to-measure storage units

Mobalpa-Modern Kitchen - retro atmosphere
Mobalpa - Open kitchens
Bathroom Delpha - Overseas Blue
Custom-made layout of the under-staircase

Mobalpa : Established in 1948, the Mobalpa brand is on the middle segment of the Fournier Group. Mobalpa relies on an international sales network. Specialist of Design solutions for every area of the house, Mobalpa offers collections for kitchens, bathrooms and made-to-measure storage units.

Hygena: Relaunched in 2020, Hygena is now positioned in the under €5000 kitchen segment. Hygena is shaking up the kitchen market by offering both mass-market prices and specialist expertise. A new concept that combines digital and in-store shopping, with a quality product made in France.

Perene : Established in 1986, the Perene brand is on the premium segment of the Fournier Group. Its network extends to from France to Switzerland and Belgium. Perene embodies the reference layout and interior design and demonstrated a real expertise for kitchens, bathrooms and made-to-measure storage units.

SoCoo'c : Established in 2007, SoCoo'c is on the economic segment of the Fournier Group. Its distribution network, the modern concept store, dynamic and innovative, stands out from other market players. With its clever kitchens, functional and fashionable, with uncompromising quality, it offers a fun and personalized view of the kitchen at really attractive prices.

Delpha : Created in 1994 and dedicated exclusively to the bathroom. Delpha, manufacturer of bathroom furniture, is a leading brand in France in the professional sector. Its network is made up of 1,000 sales outlets in France and 30 in Belgium (wholesalers in heating - sanitaryware and/or sanitaryware - tiling).


Living spaces

Home / residential
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Dressing rooms / storage


  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Dressing room

Export zones

  • Outside European Union / Switzerland
  • European Union / Switzerland