An organ builder must be an architect, a carpenter, a cabinetmaker, a mechanic, lists Olivier Chevron. He is also of course an artist, who must know the repertoire well.

Creation being completed of a new organ
Wood carving in respect of artisanal cabinetry

Workshop Cattiaux-Olivier-Chevron-successor.
The organs remain stronger than the men, but fortunately the craftsmen pass the baton to maintain them, restore them and build new ones. With a career as beautiful as it is deserving, Bertrand Cattiaux offered to pass me this relay, while passing on his knowledge to me. It is with all the necessary seriousness in the face of this daunting challenge that I have agreed to resume his workshop and continue his work.
The transfer has been effective since 1 August 2019.


Living spaces

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Export zones

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